Nice trip in Pico with kids from a local social institution

Today we could enjoy a calm sea and a shining sun in great company! Our special Guests, young kids and teenagers from Casa das Freiras “Obra Social Maria Clara” in Candelária were with us this afternoon because Futurismo wanted to offer them the opportunity to live the experience of a whale watching tour, to discover the amazing biodiversity of the Azores in the south coast of Pico!

And we were well served, we started with two then three sperm whales that our lookout spotted for us, all of them fluking for the joy of everybody!

After a while, we met a nice group of our favorite summer visitors, the spotted dolphins! We enjoyed a nice scenery of the feeding frenzy of Cory’s shearwaters and spotted dolphins feeding on a school of mackerel. The Cory’s shearwaters were already with their stomachs full, while the dolphins were still trying the last few fishes trying to escape to their fate.

After a great time with the dolphins and the kids with the eyes full of stars, time already to start heading back to the harbor!

Halfway back, we could show to our Guests a last species, the shy Sowerby’s beaked whale! Not the easiest species to spot, we had the luck to see this beaked whale a few times already lately! About this group, we could estimate five individuals with at least one calf clinging to its mother.

Every trip is unique and different, to live your own adventure, join our next trip in Lajes do Pico!

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