Litter cleanup project for families

guardiões açores recolha de lixo
Trash in exchange for Experiences with Futurismo. This is the “Guardians of the Azores” project.

We are pleased to announce that we just launched a new project in the scope of sustainability and environment in the Azores! With Guardians of the Azores, we intend to encourage families to be part of a new project with a single objective: to make our Azores increasingly cleaner.

This pilot project, 100% supported by Futurismo – which demonstrates our commitment to the local community and to our land – has already started on São Miguel Island and one of the future goals is to extend it to all the islands of the Azores with the help of partners.

For now, we ask everyone who is on the island of São Miguel, whether they are residents or not, to contribute to environmental preservation involving the children of your family. Everyone can participate! Families with children up to 17 years old.

Our focus is on children (they are the future) and we only intend to contribute to the structuring of their critical reasoning about the world around them and their connection to the environment, through an enhanced civic sense;

How can I participate in the Guardians of the Azores Project:

  1. Fill in the form on this link REGISTRATION to make your registration indicating who will participate in the cleanup at a location of your choice
  2. Go on the adventure to take care of our green island. You can go to a beach, a hillside or a trail to collect litter.
  3. Fill in the scientific record form to schedule your first litter delivery at a location to be agreed with Futurismo in Ponta Delgada or at our Activity Center in Sete Cidades.
  4. Deliver your collected garbage. More times you participate, more weight you collect, so more discounts on experiences you can have!
  5. When you want to end your participation, just fill out this last form.

Then, the discounts to be applied will be calculated according to the weight of total trash that you delivered. Plus, you will spend time outdoors, in contact with nature, learning how we can preserve our islands! This project ends on May 10, 2022. Therefore, there is no excuse to not do more for the environment. And don’t forget, you can collect litter as many times as you like and deliver until you reach your final goal – more garbage, more discounts!


We have vouchers with discounts to use on whale and dolphin watching tours. The four families with the most garbage collected, but with a minimum of 50 kg (fifty kilos) according to the list that will be published, will see their name in a draw for a weekend (two nights), with lunch or dinner included, in one of the following partner hotels:

  • Terra Nostra Garden Hotel
  • Santa Barbara Eco Resort
  • Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico
  • Senhora da Rosa, Tradition & Nature Hotel

Who will be our lucky 4 families? Read the Guardians of the Azores Project Regulations carefully. For more information, do not hesitate and contact us through our Facebook Page or Instagram profile.

You can also see the landing page that we created about the Guardians of the Azores Project!

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