Mr Liable and dolphins’ show

dolphins and whales azores

On a blue white ocean the search for cetaceans is a challenge but today our lookouts guided us reliably to our most sighted sperm whale Mr. Liable, a short form of reliable.

As he didn’t surface in the same area as he dove before, we waited for him a bit further away of where he actually reappeared. But our lookouts where quick and reliable again to indicate us the direction to go.

Quickly we headed towards him but he was quicker then we getting there in restoring his oxygen level in blood and muscles as he waved goodbye with his big fluke when we approached.

So during an hour we searched for any sign and when he re-emerged we could enjoy it closer this time while, of course, respecting the distance.

Suddenly Bottlenose Dolphins appeared next to the sperm whale, so first we bid farewell to Mr. Liable and then the dolphins went for a dive too. Maybe they joined him for a while but the Bottlenose dolphins don’t dive as long and as deep as the sperm whales and after training our patience a bit more they greated us again and they were in a different mood. They acompaigned our catamaran, surfed the waves and then they started the show.

Breachings to splash, and several high leaps. Maybe there was love in the air and they wanted to impress each others or maybe us. We definitely enjoyed this spectacle until the very last moment and the rollercoaster ride got smoother when we returned to the islands. The sea conditions are changing frequently like the azorean weather in general so pick your day according to the grade of adventure you like to live, what the ocean delivers in sights will be a surprise anyway. Hope to see you soon to have a whale of a time!

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