Ocean Stories

Este é um fantástico vídeo produzido por nós, nos Açores, onde apresentamos os melhores encontros da vida selvagem com diferentes espécies, bem como todas as mágicas paisagens vulcânicas da ilha de São Miguel, Pico e Faial. Se planeia visitar os Açores, precisa de ver este vídeo 😉

Fadia Al Abbar é uma bióloga marinha que já esteve em lugares tão maravilhosos como Filipinas, Nova Zelândia ou Malásia e, confessa que nunca viu cetáceos como aqui, nos Açores. Neste vídeo conhecemos o trabalho de pesquisa e investigação e os incríveis encontros que teve em viagens com a Futurismo.

The day we filmed this interview with skipper Mário Medeiros we had such incredible sightings. A very inspirational story to watch and share with your whale lover friends!

Perhaps one of the most emotional stories we were involved in. In 2016 we witnessed multiple sperm whale births in one day, all in the same place. It was one day after the summer solstice and we still don’t know the reason of such an incredible event. Listen this story from the words of Miranda van der Linde.

From all the whale watching destinations of the world, the Azores stands out as one of the most important hot spots. The unique location and ocean characteristics are some of the reasons why the azorean archipelago represents probably the best place for cetacean observation you can go.

We go to the sea every single day (weather depending of course), meaning we have many videos of whale watching stories. Love to see what happens behind the scenes? Don’t miss this compilation of stories we don’t usually share in our videos.

Is amazing having such an incredible guests! Mrs Ulla Wandels has transmitted her passion for whale watching to her family and has been observing cetaceans with us since 2006! Is a true pleasure having her year after year in our tours.

Sometimes killer whales like to visit us here in Azores. The sightings with this species are always absolutely incredible and surprising, something our guests won’t easily forget. Thank you Azores for this great marine biodiversity.