Every whale and dolphin watching tour is unique, we never know what species we will see.

The best season for whale watching in the Azores is Spring. Indeed, during this time of the year, we can spot some of the biggest animals in the world such as blue whales, fin whales and Sei whales. However, many dolphins and the endemic sperm whales are resident species of the Azores and that is why we see them year-round. We can also see birds, turtles and other marine wildlife in our deep blue waters.

The tour starts in our shop in Ponta Delgada harbor. At the beginning, our biologists and guides will do a briefing about the species that you might see during the tour. They will also talk about the whale watching rules we have to respect while approaching a cetacean for the animals’ well being. After the briefing, we are ready to go on an offshore adventure. The staff will warn you when they see something in the water and give some explanations and details about the specific species.

Nature offers no guarantee, it happens sometimes that we don’t see anything. But no worries, in the case you don’t see any cetacean, you will be able to book another tour for free with us on another day!

You will stay on the ocean looking for aquatic life for about three hours before going back to the harbor. We will welcome you back in our shop with some local tea.

Our biologists will see and edit the photos that they took during the trip and you will be able to see them on our blog later during the day. If we have spectacular pictures, they might also be on our Facebook Page and Instagram account.

From April to October 60€ adults and 30€ children
From November to March 55€ adults and 27.50€ children
Free for 0-5 years old (catamaran)


Ponta Delgada, South Coast of São Miguel Island


Approximately 3 hours

Tour Rates

From 55€ (+12 years old)
27.5€ Children (6-12 years old)
Free for 0-5 years old

Daily Departures

9:00am & 1:30pm

Check In Times

8:30am & 1:00pm


Year Round

Level of Difficulty


Vessel Types

Zodiac or Catamaran

Minimum Age

Recommended for all ages.
For children and seniors, we strongly advise the catamaran.

Tour Details
  • Pre-tour briefing
  • Raincoat and pants if necessary
  • Life jacket on the zodiac boats
  • A marine biologist or nature guide aboard
  • Refreshment after the trip (local tea)


  • All reservations for whale watching trips will automatically be booked on our catamarans. If you would like to take a zodiac boat instead, please inform us at the time of your booking.
  • The duration of this tour can change according to the weather, species location and/or other factors.
  • Allow plenty of time for your tour. Please don’t book if you have any commitments right after such as a flight, etc.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Jacket
  • Sunscreen, towel, and hat
  • Backpack, water, and snacks (bring your own reusable water bottle)

Q: How do I get to São Miguel?
A: There are flight connections from Lisbon, Porto and other main capitals.

Q: I have back problems but I would like to go on a whale watching. Can I do this tour?
A: Futurismo Azores Whale Watching in São Miguel Island has catamarans and zodiac boats. Catamarans are more spacious and comfortable boats. They are equipped with toilets on board. We recommend that you have some medical advice before this experience.

Q: I am pregnant and would like to do whale watching. Is it safe?
A: In this case, we advise to book on our the catamarans, which are more comfortable and stable boats.

Q: What if I am seasick?
A: We strongly advise avoiding eating anything overly spicy, acidic, fatty or dairy before the tour. Don’t overeat but come well fed. Once on the boat, look at the horizon and get some fresh air. If you feel bad, the staff on the boat will be here to help you.


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