Swimming with dolphins
in São Miguel

8 Days

Imagine skimming the Atlantic on a speedy Zodiac boat, all eyes searching the glistening sea for signs of dolphins. Suddenly, your guide spots them ahead and you gently approach the pod. They are amazing – playfully leaping around your boat, whistling and signaling as if welcoming you to their world. 

Now it’s your turn to slip into the deep blue waters to join them. Your guide has made sure you are comfortable with your mask and snorkel. You are ready for this moment to happen. 

In an instant, you are floating amongst these inquisitive and charming creatures, seemingly as curious about you as you are about them. You’ll hear their whistling and maybe even make eye contact. There is just no way to describe the sensation, you only know you want it to last forever. 

However, in time you are called back to the boat, but not to worry, you’re here for a week of these magical moments. This is just the beginning of your São Miguel Swimming with Dolphins Tour Package. There will be plenty of time for more fun and memories like these.  



Almost every day during this special tour you’ll enjoy opportunities to swim and share the dolphins’ natural habitat. We’ll explore many areas around São Miguel’s coast as the island is blessed with numerous pods of these delightful cetaceans.

Our marine biologists will share their knowledge and expertise with you – how to behave around the dolphins, what to expect – so you’ll have the best possible experience. 

But while you’re here in the magical Azores, we’ll also show you the colorful highlights of enchanting São Miguel Island.



São Miguel is not only beautiful, it’s a geothermal extravaganza! Picturesque volcanic calderas compete with steamy fumaroles as distinctive landmarks. We’ll visit them as well as a unique botanical garden, offering opportunities for swimming in its warm thermal waters. 

Ever have a meal cooked underground? We’ll partake of a traditional cozido lunch, baked in the volcanic earth.

And during the summer season, another island highlight is a visit to Vila Franca Islet, a near perfect-circular pool formed by a volcanic crater. Great for swimming and snorkeling. 

Dolphins, hot springs, gardens and more – it’s a perfectly packaged week of discovery and magic. 


São Miguel Island (see itinerary below)


Full week (8 days)
If you wish, Futurismo can also arrange accommodation

Tour Rates

From 475€
The multi-day tours are subject to availability of the presented activities.

Daily Departures


Check In Times

Dependent on your arrival


Year round (minimum 2 participants)

Level of Difficulty


Vessel Types

Zodiac & Van

Minimum Age

8 years old (activity operated in zodiac, children have to reach the ground with their feet for safety reasons.)

Tour Details

DAY 1 – Arrival in Ponta Delgada and transfer to your hotel. Free day.

DAY 2Swimming with dolphins in Ponta Delgada (half-day). There’s nothing more magical than swimming with these playful creatures as they whistle and leap about you. It truly touches the heart.

Before going out, our marine biologists will explain our safety procedures and rules. We sail with no more than 8 guests for a more comfortable and intimate tour. 

Free afternoon. We suggest a city tour of Ponta Delgada, the biggest city of the Azores. This is a charming city of winding streets, cute welcoming restaurants and stunning colonial architecture. 

DAY 3 – Swimming with dolphins in Ponta Delgada (half-day). Free afternoon to do other activities. We suggest a jeep tour to Fogo Lake.  This pristine spot is an awesome display of nature’s creativity – a deep blue lake set in a volcanic crater. Standing atop the crater’s ridge, you’ll enjoy incredible views of this picturesque scene. Then we’ll head to the warm natural pools and waterfall of Caldeira Velha set in a lush forest, for a tropical afternoon dip.


Pick up at your hotel for a full-day tour to Furnas.

  • Visit the Calderas in Furnas Lake
  • We will explore the village of Furnas to take in the geothermal fumaroles and sample different natural sparkling waters from the region
  • Explore the Terra Nostra Botanical Garden with an opportunity to swim in the warm thermal waters (35º – 40ºC / 95º – 105ºF)
  • Enjoy a traditional cozido meal for lunch – baked in the volcanic earth
  • Visit Gorreana Tea Factory
  • Drop off at your Hotel

DAY 5 – Swimming with dolphins in Ponta Delgada (half-day).
Free afternoon. We suggest a whale and dolphin watching experience. Our most popular tour, the whale and dolphin watching here can be active and you may spot different species of cetaceans breaching or swimming alongside your boat!

DAY 6 – Swimming with dolphins and visit to Vila Franca do Campo Islet (full-day tour).

  • 3 hours swimming with the dolphins
  • We will visit Vila Franca do Campo village
  • Lunch at a local restaurant while in Vila Franca do Campo harbor
  • Head to the Vila Franca Islet for swimming and snorkeling in a natural pool inside the crater (We recommend you bring your own snorkel and mask)
  • Return to Ponta Delgada by boat or by bus

Note: The visit to Vila Franca islet is only possible from June 15 to September 15. As an alternative, we suggest an adventure tour to Sete Cidades with kayaking and biking. Kayaking is easy and fun. We’ll show you how to easily navigate around this stunning lake. And our mountain bikes are your ticket to adventure around the beautiful lake of Sete Cidades. 

Another activity can be arranged upon arrival.

DAY 7 – Swimming with dolphins in Ponta Delgada.
Free afternoon. We suggest a hiking tour in Sete Cidades lake. We’ll trek along the crater’s rim with views on one side of a volcanic caldera and the beautiful twin lakes of Sete Cidades. Looking the other direction, we’ll gaze upon the ocean and coastal villages. A delightful excursion with an easy walk and unforgettable vistas. 

DAY 8 – Transfer to the airport and departure.

  • Transfer airport to hotel and hotel to airport
  • 5 swimming with dolphins tours;
  • Briefing before the experiences;
  • Marine biologist on board; (life vest mandatory on zodiac boats)
  • English or Portuguese speaking guides. If you prefer another language, please inform us about it.
  • Lunch included on day 4 & 6
  • Transportation for the tours outside of Ponta Delgada
  • Full day tour to Furnas
  • Full-day experience for a swimming with dolphins tour and a visit to Vila Franca Islet


  • Cozido lunch on day 4 – starter, Cozido, dessert and drinks included. Cozido contains beef, chicken, pork, spicy sausage, blood sausage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot, cabbage, green kale and yam. All cooked for 6 hours with natural steam only.
  • Lunch in a local restaurant on day 6 – starter, fish or beef, dessert and drinks included.

    *Vegetarian options on request. If you have a special diet or food restrictions, please inform us at least 24h before the tour.

  • Comfortable light clothes
  • Sweater
  • Raincoat
  • Walking boots or shoes,
  • Swimming suit and towel
  • Flip flops
  • Hat
  • Sunblock
  • Backpack
  • Bottle of water to refill

Q: How do I get to the Azores?
A: There are direct flights from Lisbon and Porto. Europe, USA and Canada

Q: Which level should I expect from the activities planned during the package?
A: They are easy level.

Q: This package of active holidays is exclusively for kids older than 8 years old?
A: For safety reasons, this package is available for children from 8 years old. The swimming with dolphins tours are operated in a zodiac boat and children need to be able to reach the ground with their feet.

Q: Can I touch the dolphins?
A: No. Our responsible swim with dolphin guidelines forbid touching these inquisitive but wild animals.

Q: Can I hear the dolphins?
A: Yes. It is very common to hear them communicating underwater.

Q: How many dolphins can I see?
A: Sometimes less than a dozen, other times up to 50 or more.

Q: Can I swim with the whales?
A: No, swimming with whales is forbidden in the Azores. However, there are several species of dolphins that you are able to swim with.

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