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Futurismo Whale Watching Azores is proud to be part of the world’s largest partnership working to protect whales, dolphins, and porpoises (cetaceans)

World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is the worldwide voice for cetaceans, with now more than 35 countries working together for this greater cause. This is a group of people and companies that work together on preserving the marine life and especially the whales and dolphins worldwide.

Through cooperation, the Partners of the World Cetacean Alliance aim to conserve and protect cetaceans as well as their habitats in the world’s oceans, seas, and rivers, to ensure their continued health and survival.

The WCA is committed to preventing all cetaceans from being held in captivity except for rehabilitation and release purposes. We are also developing and implementing new concepts for responsible whale and dolphin watching with the potential to inspire and raise awareness among millions of people. Finally, we aim to expand the global community of people who care for cetaceans, have a desire to learn about them, and respect them.

The WCA Responsible Whale Watching App is a brand-new tool for travelers to explore whale and dolphin watching tours around the world.


Working Group On
Responsible Whale Watching

In 2014, Futurismo Whale Watching Azores began the partnership with WCA. Since then, we have been developing different initiatives in which the main focus is sharing information about cetaceans

The scientific data collected during our sea tours are crossed with partners data so we can study some of the patterns in whale watching. This is also one of the most enriching parts of our job when we learn new things!

The tourists who come to the Azores and choose Futurismo for whale and dolphin watching get to know more about the species sighted as well as our work. This is definitely a must experience for all the animal lovers.


1) Set, distribute and police minimum standards for responsible whale watching for all Whale and Dolphin Watch Partners of the WCA

2)  As part of a longer-term plan to look at the potential for a global accreditation scheme for responsible whale and dolphin watching, review 200 whale and dolphin watching videos from the perspective of whether the cetaceans are exhibiting ‘choice and control’. Present review findings at WhaleFest’s WCA meeting.

3)  Trial a joint educational initiative in which Partners across the world share the theme of ‘nets’ – bycatch and entanglement; with associated positive actions for customers to take.

4)  Execute a series of cross-promotional activities using social media

5)  Create a database of whale watchers interested in news on responsible whale watching.

For more information on the World Cetacean Alliance please visit their page:


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