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The Azores
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Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe and it’s considered one of the best travel destinations for outdoor adventures.  The Azores are a good example, combining all different outdoor attractions. Mother Nature created nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A hidden treasure on Earth.

The Azores Archipelago is divided into three groups:

Oriental Group: Santa Maria and São Miguel Islands.
Central Group: Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, Faial and Graciosa Islands.
Ocidental Group: Flores and Corvo Islands

The volcanic origins of the islands have created mountains, valleys and volcanic rock formations that are covered in lush vegetation comprising many endemic plant species and bright flowers of all colours imaginable. These picturesque landscapes are further refined by captivating waterfalls, lakes inside ancient craters and thermal springs.

Most houses are traditional constructions that have been built from the volcanic rocks of which the islands themselves formed. Entire villages and the stone walls dividing the lands complement the surrounding landscapes. Local traditions continue to play an important role in the Azorean way of life, although you can feel the modern European character is also present. The Azoreans are down to earth people that are always happy to welcome visitors and show them their traditional ways of living.

Twice UNESCO has distinguished the uniqueness and authenticity of the archipelago. The historical centre of Angra do Heroísmo, with origins in the XV century, illustrates significant periods of human history. Vineyards in Pico Island are recognised for their peculiar method of cultivation.

Due to its well-preserved and diverse natural beauty, the Azores archipelago has become a renowned destination for whale and dolphin watching, SCUBA diving, geotourism, hiking and bird watching. It is the perfect holiday destination for nature lovers and eco-tourism!


A big majority of Azoreans do speak very well English. Portuguese is not a limitation for tourists that travel here. 

The Best Season to Travel To the Azores

From March to October we have milder weather which makes it possible for all who wants to enjoy both land and sea experiences. 

Weather in The Azores

The good weather is just 5 minutes away here. We can have both 4 seasons in just one day. Also, the weather is very special here because of its micro-climate. 

Top Things To Do

Whale and dolphin watching year-round and if you want to add a little more fun to this adventure, between June to September you can visit Vila Franca do Campo Islet swimming pool! Besides ending up in the hot springs in Furnas is something that we strongly advise! 



You can fly here directly from Lisbon or Porto. São Miguel Island is just 2 hours away from Portugal the Mainland and 4 hours away from the USA.




A lot of marine animals chose the Azores to live. Know more about the Azores resident species.




Until 1987 the Azores was really well known as a whaling destination. Since then ocean sustainability has been a huge concern of ours. In the last years we have identified more than three thousand sperm whales and over 500 blue whales in Azores.


World Class

The Azores are elected as one of the top 10 most sustainable travel destinations in the world and the best destination in Atlantic (2018 Green Destinations). UNESCO has already classified the archipelago for its authenticity.

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