The Azores
Getting Here

The Azores
Getting Here

There are six airlines providing direct flights to the Archipelago:  the Azores Airlines (belonging to SATA), TAP Portugal, the low-cost Irish company Ryanair, the American company Delta Airlines, in addition to the Dutch Arkefly and the Belgian Jetairfly (both belonging to the Danish Group TUI).


The Azores archipelago is made of nine islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We are just two hours away from Portugal (Lisbon and Porto) and less than 4 hours away from the USA (Boston and New York).  Between the nine Azores Islands, you can travel by boat or by airplane.

International Direct Flights

  • Toronto 4h 50
  • Boston 4h 30
  • Copenhagen 4h 45
  • Billund 4h20
  • Brussels 4h25
  • Frankfurt 4h30
  • Manchester 4h00
  • Montreal 5h45
  • New York 5h50
  • Praia (Cape Verde) 3h40


You can travel between the islands by boat or by plane. If you want to travel by boat to another island, you can book your ticket in Futurismo Azores Adventures shop. We provide this service in our activity center in Portas do Mar, Ponta Delgada harbour. The public boat connections are operated by Atlanticoline company and you can travel with your car as well.

Travel Between Islands By Boat

Year-round, there are three routes available:

  • Green Line: Faial, Pico and São Jorge Islands
  • Blue Line: Faial and Pico (Madalena) Islands
  • Pink Line: Flores and Corvo Islands

During the summertime, it is possible to travel between all the islands with the Yellow Line. This route does not include Corvo Island because the connections are year-round with the Pink Line.

Travel By Plane Between the Islands

The flights between islands are operated by Azores Airlines. It is the fastest way to go from an island to another. For example, a flight connection between São Miguel Island and Terceira Island is only 30 minutes, and a trip between São Miguel and Pico Island is around 50 minutes.

Regional Direct Flights

  • Lisbon 2h 00
  • Porto 2h 30
  • Funchal 2h 00

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