The good weather is back in Pico!

We had news from our lookout that saw sperm whales and dolphins, so we headed first to the whales. Just entering the whale zone, we could see the blow of one sperm whale, and we stayed with this animal, who was swimming quite fast. After a while, he dove showing us the fluke so our passengers of today, two families with kids, could enjoy this beautiful nature and while taking nice pictures. Before leaving the area to see some dolphins, we saw an adult sperm whale with a calf, a beautiful goodbye from the group of sperm whales.

We reached soon a big group of striped dolphins that we estimated in 80 individuals. They were traveling fast and jumping out of the water, and our passengers, especially our young guests, enjoyed a lot this sighting.

After, we left the striped dolphins to go see another species of dolphin, which is our summer visitor, the spotted dolphin. Another amazing sighting since this species is more curious to our boat and gets closer, so our passengers can enjoy them even better. But we were far from home and had to start thinking to head back to the harbor.

But the last surprise awaited us on the way back, we saw again the big group of striped dolphins, so we stayed with them a couple of minutes and then left to not bother them so much. A very enjoyable trip in which our favorite guests, the kids, had a lot of fun.

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