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The Azores’ beautiful and dramatic whales are the perfect subject for amazing photos. Capture your own breathtaking images on this 4-hour tour – we’ll help with our expert tips for getting the best shots possible. 

Plus, we’ll be sailing at the best time of day for photography – the “golden hour” – when the light is softest with warm, enhancing colors. 

Thrill to the sight of Atlantic Ocean whales and dolphins while tuning up your photography skills – you won’t want to miss this special tour. 



You’ll take beautiful photos… but that’s when the fun really starts. Our onboard marine biologists can analyze your pictures to identify the individual whales you’ve “captured” – a process we call Photo ID. This information is added to our scientific data bank identifying whales throughout the world, and now you’ve helped contribute to this knowledge. Thanks for joining the team!

Here in the Azores, we can spot certain species year-round such as sperm whales, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and Risso’s dolphins. 

If you join us in the springtime, you may also see (and photograph) the biggest whales on the planet like the blue whales, fin whales, and Sei whales. Of special note: the blue whale is the largest animal in the world!

This special tour is part thrills, part photography, part science, and all fun. And when the whales surface, we’ll be there with you to make sure you get the most of the moment. 

Note: Tour prices are subject to change depending on what month you choose. 


Ponta Delgada, South Coast


4 hours

Tour Rates

From 60€ (Prices are subject to change depending on the different months)

Daily Departures

Sunrise & Sunset times

Check In Times

30 minutes before departure



Level of Difficulty


Vessel Types

Zodiac or Catamaran

Minimum Age

From 13 years old

Tour Details
  • Pre-tour briefing
  • Raincoat and pants if necessary
  • Life jacket if operated on a zodiac boat
  • Marine biologist or nature guide aboard
  • Refreshment after the trip
  • Have your camera ready, lens cap off, prepared to shoot – you never know the exact moment a whale might appear
  • Whales and dolphins often repeat their actions so be ready for a second breach following the first
  • Be patient and stay calm – we’re on whale time now so they really do call the shots
  • Dolphins love to play at the boat’s bow and stern so try to position yourself there if the sea conditions and the captain allow you to do so
  • Use a fast shutter speed if possible – the boat is moving, plus this will “freeze” the water spraying around the whale or dolphin
  • A bit technical – if you can, close your aperture down to 1/16 for clearer, sharper shots 
  • Take some deep breaths and enjoy the moment
  • Your personal camera
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Jacket
  • Sunscreen, towel and hat
  • Backpack and water (bring your own reusable water bottle)

Q: At what time of the day is this tour operated?
A: We will go out on the ocean early in the morning, as soon as the sun rises or at the end of the afternoon. Those are the times of the day where the light is perfect to see and photograph the giants of the sea.

Q: I have back problems but I would love to go on a whale watching. Can I do this tour?
A: Futurismo Whale Watching Azores has catamarans, which are safer and more comfortable than zodiac boats in this case. However, we recommend that you consult your physician before going on a tour with us.

Q: I am pregnant and would like to do whale watching. Is it safe?
A: In this case, we advise the catamarans. They are more comfortable and stable boats and we do recommend them for pregnant. Please inform us about any medical situation for better advise.

Q: How do I get to São Miguel?
A: There are flight connections from Lisbon, Porto and other main capitals.

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