Three species of dolphins sighted today in São Miguel!

Jumping dolphin whale watching Azores

Today it was cloudy and the lack of light gave the sea surface a really intense grey coloration. Still, and always with the essential help of the lookout, we were lucky to find three different dolphin species. 

The morning started with the resident common dolphins that we all love, at first it seemed they were very spread out and not very curious but as time passed their behaviour changed and we could see a beautiful bowriding show. 

After that we found a big group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. 

There were lots of birds with them, mainly Cory’s shearwaters and great shearwater but we also could see a great skua.

They were all interacting and feeding together, and the dolphins had a lot of babies with them. After that we spent some time searching for a sperm whale that the lookout saw at the beginning of the morning but we couldn’t find it. We knew it was somewhere near but we had to leave to the area as other species were waiting for us. 

Last species of the day was the bottlenose dolphin, they are almost double the size of the other two species and we could really feel the difference in size.

They were a big group of more than 50 individuals. They were very close to shore and they made our way back to Ponta Delgada way more enjoyable.

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