Four cetacean species in ONE trip, and our lovely Mr. Liable

What an incredible trip today! We started off with a small pod of bottlenose dolphins. They were not really in the mood of socializing with us so they started to spread out a little. We decided to leave them alone and head to another area. 
Then, we found some common dolphins in an area full of Cory’s shearwaters and seagulls.
Here, in between all of the dolphins, we also had 2 sei whales! The sei whales belong to the baleen whales and are not very common this time of the year. So we were lucky! 
How we spot whales, when it is not thanks to our talented lookouts

Afterwards, our lookout told us that we also had a sperm whale in another area! So we continued to see the sperm whale, and indeed, it was our famous male sperm whale Mr Liable! 
We stayed with him until he went for his foraging dive and then we headed back to the common dolphins. 
At this time we saw even more birds foraging and diving, returning  to the surface with a little fish. Here we managed to identify some different bird species as well. We saw, besides the Cory’s shearwaters and seagulls, 2 greater shearwaters and a macaronesian shearwater
After a while, 58 minutes to be exact, Mr liable resurfaced and we headed back to see him one more time. Spectacular. He stayed at the surface for 8.55 minutes and then dove down again, showing his beautiful fluke. 

This was a nice goodbye and we started on the (rainy) way back. What an incredible trip full of species today. It is not every day that we see 4 cetacean species in one trip! It was a lucky day!
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