Three different dolphin species and lots of sea birds today!

A pod of common dolphin in São Miguel

With a swell and some strong winds, we went out to sea today. And what a great trip it was!!! We started seeing a small group of common dolphins. They were surfing the waves. 

Afterwards, we headed to another area where we saw striped dolphins! We have not seen this species a lot this year so we were quite excited! But as soon as they dove, they disappeared.
So we started to go a bit further out towards the spotted dolphins! This pod was absolutely spectacular. 

They were in a feeding frenzy with tons of birds, including the seagulls, Cory’s shearwaters, two Manx shearwaters, and surprisingly the largest part of this pod consisted of great shearwaters! We normally see large flocks of Cory’s shearwaters and one or two great shearwaters if we are lucky. Today we had the opposite situation and it was beautiful. All of the species were foraging. We even managed to see a huge tuna in the pod of dolphins! 

Lastly, we checked one of the Cory’s shearwaters and it had white spots on its wings! Quite unusual! It was a beautiful adventurous morning.

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