Spectacular feeding frenzy with dolphins, seabirds and tuna!

Female bottlenose dolphin showing its belly

We are back! Finally, after some strong winds, this afternoon we managed to go out on a trip and it´s a good thing we did because it was out of this world! 

After a full hour of traveling, we arrived to the first area where our lookouts spotted bottlenose dolphins. 

This group was really active, and they there were lots of babies in the area as well! They were bowriding and speeding up with the boat. Then, we left them as they were traveling west and we wanted to go east. The next area was with common dolphins (with babies and even newborns!) feeding along side with four species of seabirds: cory´s shearwaters, great shearwaters, yellow-legged gulls and also one great skua.

Suddenly, we started to see different kinds of fins on the area, not dolphin fins….but tuna fins! It was absolutely terrific!! Hundred of seabirds, tunas and dolphins feeding in the same area!! Documentary filmmakers spend years to film a scene like this, and we in just one 3h trip, got it! A moment that none of our guest can forget!

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