Several fin whales accompanied by a loggerhead turtle

fin whale azores

After a light rain in the morning, the sun came out, and we went to the sea with high hopes to see some whales and dolphins. 

After a bit of searching we found a very small and calm group of the resident bottlenose dolphins, although they were not interacting too much, we were able to spot some very distinct individuals what made the sighting very interesting. 

Then we received indication from our lookouts that there were some big animals further away from the coast, everybody got excited with that, but not a bit as excited as when we got there and saw an amazing group of Fin whales  the second largest animal in the world. 

At the beginning they were not easy to see since they were spending a lot of time diving, but after some patient waiting we got to see almost the full body at the surface, accompanying these giants of the sea we also found a very small Loggerhead Turtle, that despite its size made our trip much richer!

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