Humpack whale and a lot of sun in São Miguel!

Amazing humpback whale with open mouth in Futurismo Whale Watching Azores

Today the sun was shining bright and the sea conditions were good so we went out with the feeling that the morning was going to be awesome! And we were right!

Humpback whale feeding in São Miguel

PT | Encontrámos uma baleia de bossa! Estava um dia de sol incrível, tal como no verão, e conseguimos ver esta baleia de barbas a alimentar-se junto a um grupo de golfinhos comuns 😀 Também conseguimos tirar mais lixo do mar!História completa aqui: | We found a humpback whale! It was an amazing sunny day, it felt just like summer, and we got to see this baleen whale feeding along with a pod of common dolphins 😀 We also managed to take some litter out of the ocean!Full story here:

Pubblicato da Futurismo Azores Whale Watching su Giovedì 9 gennaio 2020

The tour started with the indication that there was a whale around, but all we could see were our residents, the common dolphins. Since the start of the year, they’ve been around and today was no exception, however they were socializing more. Still, no sign of the whale…

Everybody had their eyes on the sea, even our guests, and when we least expected we heard Laura scream “blow!” and ahead we saw a very high blow! Although we knew it was a baleen whale, the exact species was still a mystery and between the biologists, we had our own suspicions. After a while, we saw a dorsal fin, but we were still not very sure. And the greatest moment of the day came a few minutes later when the whale opened its mouth out of the water and we could finally see it was a humpback whale!

It was an incredible moment, everybody was in awe, including the biologists! We followed the whale, who was also accompanied by a few common dolphins, as she continuously lunged out of the water to eat some fish. This was truly amazing, seeing a humpback on this kind of feeding behaviour in January!!

As the whale stopped feeding and started travelling, we faced the tough decision of leaving this animal to its life, after this incredible encounter we returned to the common dolphins which were still super interested in our boats! 

After a while, we started our return to Ponta Delgada with the sun still shining, a great view of the island, and a huge smile on our faces. Today was a great day!

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