Fin whale, Sperm whales and summer visitors Pilot whales

Pilot whales

Today was a sunny and beautiful day on the sea. Our morning trip started with a lot of instructions to follow from our lookouts. We started traveling to south of the island and suddenly we saw a blow. It was a Sperm whale that dove quickly when we arrived to the area. When sperm whales show the fluke, it means that they are going for a deep dive and can stay a minimum of 45 minutes underwater, so we decided to continue our trip.

And what a surprise!! Further we started to see another different blow, much higher and straight. Without doubt it was a baleen whale blow! But it decided to dive and we couldn’t see it closer. In the same area we saw a very very strange thing : pilot whales. Normally a species that we see just during the summer. It was a big group with a lot of calves. We were surrounded by them.


Then, again the same blow from before and this time we were closer and we recognized the fin and the white right side of the mouth. It was a fin whale, the second biggest whale in the world!

After enjoying the time with this whale we left the area to see another group of sperm whales that one of our lookouts was observing. Once in the area we waited a little bit until we saw a tiny blow from a small Sperm whale calf with a white patch in the dorsal fin. At our left a female Sperm whale with another baby appeared and we managed to see it breast feeding and diving, showing two beautiful flukes. Using the photos we could identify this family. They belong to the pink family, the first was Angel and the second Elsemiek, both with babies! To finish we returned to our first baby Sperm whale and its mom and again we saw another fluke.

When we were coming back to Ponta Delgada we stopped to see a really curious group of pilot whales, really close to our catamaran and with a huge male among them.
What a great and surprising day! Perfect! We cannot wait for tomorrow’s trip!

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