Dolphins and sea birds

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First northern gannet seen from the boat this year at the end of their season!

Finally our catamaran 4 Ventos navigated again after a long break. Just a few minutes after boarding we saw a small group of common dolphins close to the coast. They were quite scattered and likely foraging.

After that we saw a another group, around 12 individuals of the same species.

Continuing the trip we spotted a group of adults and juveniles bottlenose dolphins that were very social and even bow riding.

In the meanwhile our lookouts saw a blow of a whale far away from the coast, but when we arrived there we didn’t find the individual.

After searching a while for its appearance we started returning to the coast, when we encountered quickly some species of both dolphins that we saw before, the common and the bottlenose dolphin.

Moreover we saw a loggerhead turtle and some Portuguese man of war. Another highlight of the tour was the sight of a northern gannet. A guest which occasionally appears in the cooler time of the year. Apart from this rare found we had the more common bird species like the Cory’s shearwater, the yellow legged gull, black-legged kittiwake and even Manx shearwater.

It was again a great journey! We encourage you to join us on the next trip and Futurismo is offering a discount of 10% till 28.03.2021 as we celebrate 10’000 likes on Instagram.

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