A sunny day full of surprises

Today we had a really sunny and exciting day. We went out to a very calm sea with good visibility, perfect to enjoy!

During the morning, just after starting the trip, we found a group of common dolphins with individuals of all ages. This species is one of the Azores’ resident species, so we can sight it all the year, together with bottlenose dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and sperm whales.

Right after that, we found a big group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, the smallest dolphin species that we can find here in the Azores. This is a tropical dolphin that comes to this area during the summer months when the water gets warmer. This group got so friendly and approached us, showing their wondrous jumps.

Later our lookouts saw a big blow which seemed to be from a whale. When we got closer, we confirmed it was a Sei whale! Those are baleen whales that used to go in small groups.

And if it was not enough, one of our zodiacs also managed to see a group of four individuals of Sowerby’s beaked whales, which was really special for us because they are not frequently seen and tend to be so shy.

During the afternoon we also had very successful sightings, repeating with the visit of the beaked whales, our loved common dolphins and a group of bottlenose dolphins which showed really curious with our boats. In those bottlenose dolphins, we could even see a group of dolphins mating!

What’s more, today not everything was cetaceans: we could also see a swordfish and a shark. If you don’t want to lose a day like this, book now a trip with us!

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