5 different species in Pico island!

pico island whales

5 different species and all of them close from home! That’s a good resume of our wonderful trip this morning, with a perfect weather and an uncovered Pico mountain.

Our lookout spotted already a group of sperm whales so we headed straight in the right direction, and what a scenery! Female group of this peaceful toothed giant, with a calf standing on the side of one of them. After they dived, we used the hydrophone to let our guests listen to their echolocation clicks, and it was like a concert down there !

After that, we saw another species of cetacean, the striped dolphin ! A nice group of around 80-100 individuals, pretty calm were around.

Another dolphin species was close by, the common dolphin, friendly and interested by our boat, giving us the chance to have a very good observation.

After that, we managed to see two more different types of dolphins, such as the Risso’s dolphin and the famous bottlenose dolphin.

The time pass always so fast at sea, already time to come back and to leave the animals behind. Join us in Pico island!

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