Vila Franca do Campo Islet is one of the most beautiful places to swim around São Miguel Island. It’s known as the “princess ring” for its own particular circular shape. In that salty water, you can simply enjoy the fauna and flora of this unique place.

Our tour will start around 8h30 in Ponta Delgada harbour. It’s there that our physical shop is located and where you can do the check-in. Before going out to the sea our marine biologists will provide you with a briefing about the cetaceans you will be able to see and some of the rules we have to respect their natural habitat.

After only 3 hours of whale watching, you will be taken to Vila Franca do Campo harbour where you will have lunch, a place where the fresh fish is for sure a must!

You will later go to the islet on a traditional fishing boat that is now doing the connection with the islet. It’s just a 15-minute trip.

Vila Franca do Campo Islet is classified by Birdlife International as an important place for birds. It’s a protected area that can only take around 400 people per day and only in the summertime.

Here you can snorkel in the clear blue waters. It is probably the best place around São Miguel to swim and snorkel as you will be able to see lots of fish around you. 

It’s also here that one of the stages of the Red Bull Cliff Diving happens.  The cliffs are used for this specific competition; it’s a jump of 27 meters to the water!

We will get back to Ponta Delgada in a boat or by one of Futurismo Azores Adventures vans. This is definitely a summer adventure not to be missed.


Ponta Delgada – Vila Franca do Campo - Ponta Delgada


7.5 hours

Tour Rates

85€ Adult, 42,5€ Children (5-12)

Daily Departures

9:00 am

Check In Times

8:30 am


June to September

Level of Difficulty


Vessel Types

Zodiac or fiberglass boat

Minimum Age

All ages. Catamaran recommended for children and seniors.

Tour Details


  • Bring comfortable light clothes
  • Sweater, raincoat, walking boots or shoes
  • Jacket
  • Sun-blocker, swimsuit, towel, and hat
  • We recommend that you bring your own snorkel and mask to swim in the islet’s crater
  • Backpack and water (bring your own reusable water bottle)


  • Pre-tour briefing
  • Raincoat and pants
  • Life jacket
  • A marine biologist or nature guide aboard
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Boat trip to Vila Franca do Campo Islet (both ways)
  • Refreshment after the trip

Q: Does Futurismo provide masks and snorkels to swim in the islet’s natural swimming pool?
A: It is better that you bring your own equipment. We do have snorkels and masks but in a limited amount. 

Q: Does Futurismo provide rain jackets and trousers for the boat trip?
A: Yes, if necessary. 

Q: Is the boat trip between Vila Franca do Campo and the islet included in the tour?
A: Yes, the trip to the islet and the lunch are included.

Q: How long does it take to reach the islet?
A: No longer than 10 minutes from Vila Franca do Campo

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