We’ll be here for you

We'll be here

We are all going through difficult days. But we are all convinced we will win. Together we are stronger and our project goes on. Don’t cancel, reschedule your dream trip. “We’ll be here for you” is a short film produced in the Azores Islands and is a call for hope and a love letter to azorean nature.
Title: “We’ll be here for you”
Voice-over by Lucy Palmer
Filmmaker Alvaro RP


PT | Estaremos aqui à vossa espera. Unidos por um projeto. Não cancele a sua viagem de sonho, reagende 💚Voz-off: Lucy PalmerFilmmaker: Álvaro RPEN | We'll be here waiting for you. Together on one project. Don't cancel, re-schedule your dream trip 💚Narrator: Lucy PalmerFilmmaker: Álvaro RP

Pubblicato da Futurismo Azores Whale Watching su Venerdì 27 marzo 2020
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