Traveling to the Azores is easier and faster with “My Safe Azores” platform!

viajar açores covid 19

From now on, arriving to the Azores islands is simplified for those who bring the SARS-CoV-2 test already done and with a negative result.

Before the trip, travelers can now attach the SARS-CoV-2 test with a negative result on the web platform , fill out the survey for risk assessment and early detection, and then, upon arrival at the airport, the passengers only need to present a code that is automatically generated by My Safe Azores platform, so passengers are able to leave the airport faster and in a more simplified process.

The Survey for risk assessment and early detection is a mandatory document when traveling to the Azores so that health authorities can keep the passenger’s data, namely the residence or accommodation address, contacts and other important data about the traveler, such as the duration and dates of stay in the Azores.
Until now, passengers disembarked at airports and, despite bringing the test to Covid 19 previously done, they needed to go through a process of presenting the result on a physical document. With this platform, passengers end up taking less time at airports, so the authorities are able to facilitate the arrival process of travelers.

On the website it can be read that “by submitting your information and the test through this application, you are helping to simplify and speed up your entry process to the Azores, as this data will be used by the Health Authorities to make the health screening procedures easier at the airport, reducing waiting times and limiting contact points. ”

When entering My Safe Azores platform, you must select the airline you are going to travel with in order to access the survey and then you will be redirected to fill in your flight information and other data, such as the negative Covid-19 test result.

In addition to Portugal as the the departure point, the tool is also available for travelers departing from other geographical areas, in a version adapted to the epidemiological situation of each country of origin.
The website was launched by the Regional Government of the Azores, and is the result of a partnership established between the Regional Health Secretariat and the Information Systems Department of SATA Group.

Check how many actives cases of Covid 19 are in the Azores.

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