Covid-19 in Portugal: the situation in the Azores

(Updated 6 May)

Now, in the Azores, we have 174 active cases, almost all of them registered in São Miguel Island.

There is also 1 County (Vila Franca do Campo) in São Miguel that remains in High Risk. In this County, the restaurants will be open until 3pm. Bars and cafes remain closed until next Thursday, May 13, the day when the Regional Government of the Azores will make new updates for the situation of Covid-19 throughout the archipelago. Also in this County, schools will continue to operate online, with an exception for students of 1st and 2nd grade and the two last grades before University. There is also a mandatory curfew during the week at 8 pm and at the weekend at 5 pm.

In the remaining Counties in São Miguel, schools will finally open. In the Counties of Lagoa and Ribeira Grande (in medium high risk), restaurants will be open until 3 pm.

In Povoação, the restaurants will be open until 8 pm. And in Ponta Delgada (Low Risk County) the restaurants will be open until 10 pm.

From now, these are the new options for traveling to the Azores:

– If you do your first RT-PCR test in an agreed approved laboratory in mainland Portugal or Madeira, the test will be paid by the Regional Government. You will also have a voucher of 35 euros to use in the Azores.
– If you do your first RT-PCR test in other countries than Portugal, you will need to pay for it. You will also have a voucher of 50 euros to use in the Azores.
– If you do not have a RT-PCR test result before coming, the test will be done at arrival for free. You will need to be in lockdown until the results which should come maximum 24h after the test.
The 6th day test and the 12th day day are both paid by the Government if you stay on the islands that long. And filling the online form Mysafeazores is mandatory before the flight.

The Azores have been elected Europe safest destination 2021 by European Best Destinations, as well as the best whale and dolphin watching spot. The Azores archipelago was also labelled with Safe Travels Stamp by World Travel & Tourism Council. And Ponta Delgada’s airport has been distinguished in March by the Airports Council Internationalas one of the airports with best hygiene measures and best airport by size, and region under 2 million passengers.

In Futurismo, our store in the marina of Ponta Delgada is open everyday, in São Miguel island and you already can book a trip to see whales and dolphins for the next few days. For now, we are operating whale watching in São Miguel and also swimming with dolphins for groups of friends or families. Land tours are being resumed for small groups.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the situation of Covid-19 in the Azores. We will weekly update this post with new active, confirmed and recovered cases in the nine islands of the Azores. If you plan to travel to the Azores, find out what the recommendations on Covid-19 are and all the information about flights to and from the Azores. Follow all the updates here!

Covid-19 data in the Azores

  • Active Cases: 174 ( 165 São Miguel; 2 Santa Maria; 1 Terceira; 6 Flores; )
  • Deaths: 31
  • Fun fact: Corvo is the first island to have all its population vaccinated!

Covid-19: I want to travel to the Azores, what should I do?

(updated and complete information according to communications from the Government of the Azores, azores covid19

There are daily flights from Lisbon and Porto, new direct flights to come in May (Paris, Frankfurt, London, Toronto, Boston, Oakland,…). The UK also just took Portugal out of its travel ban list.

For those staying 7 days or more, there is a second test 6 days after your first one and a third test on day 12 for those staying 13 days or more. They are also paid by the Government. Note that the first PCR test result needs to show your identification, the name of the laboratory where you took the test, the name of the methodology RT-PCR, date of realization and the negative result.

If you want to travel from São Miguel to other islands, you need a PCR test 72h maximum before departure. 

What are we doing at Futurismo and what are the next steps?

Currently, we are operating our Whale Watching & Swimming with Dolphins tours from Ponta Delgada harbor in small groups and in Pico Island. Our Full-Day & Half-Day Land Tours are also working with limited capacity, fulfilling all safety and hygiene procedures in two islands (São Miguel and Pico). In São Miguel island, we also opened our Center of Activity in Sete Cidades Lake, offering kayak, stand-up paddle and bike tours.

At Futurismo, we have an Internal Health & Safety Procedures Manual, assuring comfort to everyone involved. We are also certified with the Clean & Safe stamp of approval from the Tourism Board of Portugal and follow the Safety Protocols and Guidelines by Adventure Travel Trade Association.

We have adopted measures to restrict and decrease the use of several equipments in order to increase physical distance, always preserving emotions.

We are preparing new offers and products and also experimenting all our tours in order to see what can be improved. Our priority is to provide security to all those who choose Futurismo. We are 100% prepared to receive you!

What are the safety rules when traveling to the Azores?

  • Mandatory use of mask during flights and other public transportation;
  • Mandatory use of a mask in all infrastructures, such as in public services, commercial and industrial infrastructures, restaurants, schools, museums, libraries, among others;
  • Mandatory use of a mask in spaces with a larger number of people than normal, spaces that end up having a significant number of people making physical distance measures hard to fulfill;
  • Limitation of groups in public areas and in restaurants;
  • Maintain the distance recommended by the competent authorities, which, as of today, is 2 meters. You can follow the updates at
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