We found a tag from Maine, USA!!!

We found a tag from Maine, USA!!! On the 19th of September Futurismo organized a coastal clean-up in Mosteiros, São Miguel Island, Azores, to celebrate the World Coastal Clean Up Day.

While cleaning up the coast, some members of our team found a faded pink tag. And guess what? The tag comes from the Lobster fisheries and is 10 years old. How do we know this? The colour gives us the year (2010) and it also has a code written on it. In this case it says ME 10, that means Maine 2010, federal fishing zone (see the highlighted yellow section on the picture of the map) and even who the owner is. How amazing is this?

The remote location of the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and being at the northern edge of the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre makes it prone to get more plastic waste that has been floating miles and miles. 

It’s amazing how oceans can divide us, but at the same time connect us. Find out more about the journey of ocean plastic and the Transatlantic connections.

Keep your eyes open and maybe you’re the next treasure finder!

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