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The visibility was quite limited and it was windy and wavy out there. That’s why we had to wait until our lookouts confirmed us that they found animals in the sea. July 4th is a special day in the USA and it was also for us. We were blessed with an impressing diversity.

From our small boat we had a fugacious encounter with what looked like a beaked whale species. This was just the beginning of our tour. The next surprise, thanks to the help of our hydrophone, was a mixed group of common and striped dolphins. It is always particular to see two species interacting. They seemed to be in a hurry as they looked like flying while they were leaping out of the water to gain more speed.

Later we went eastwards to an area with several sperm whales. In total five of the six showed us their magnificent tails.​ The tail is like a fingerprint and with the picture of it we can identify individual that’s how we recognised Tonga immediately. Tonga is an old friend from the blue unit who was sighted for the first time by Futurismo exactly today eleven years ago, a coincidence?

The other four tails we could not find yet in our sperm whale catalogue which already contains more than 500 animals but will be added.

From one of our catamaran we caught a short glimpse at some bottlenose dolphins, which were not interested in us. Surprisingly a young sperm whale made up the lack of curiosity of the dolphins. It approached several times and rolled around underneath the surface to investigate us. But it was too small to go for deep sea dives to look for squids like his relatives so it went just for shallow dives. At this age they don’t need to be concerned about finding food because they will be alimented by fat rich mother milk sometimes even provided by other adult females than their mother.

During our trip we counted as well with the presence of our common sea birds like Cory’s shearwaters, yellow -legged gulls and common terns. Unfortunately and today even more frequently we came across plastic floating at the surface.

At least some trigger fish found some shelter under a jerry can.​ Soon the wind is supposed to turn down, so let’s see what treasures will await us under better spotting conditions? Don’t miss your opportunity and book with us!!

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