Three resident species in one day!

After yesterday’s bad weather that made it impossible for us to go out, today the sea calmed down and we were all super ready for an adventure.

Our first sighting of the morning was a group of bottlenose dolphins, one of our four resident species. The group was a little disperse, but some individuals approached the boat and showed us their greyish coloration and their big size. Our tourists were delighted, especially a group of children that today changed their classroom and came with us to learn more about the ocean and cetaceans. A good way to start the morning!

When we were with the bottlenose dolphins the spotter sighted sperm whales so we said goodbye to the dolphins and went to find the “moby dick”.

In our way a group of common dolphins surprised us. Another resident species! The group were quite sociable with each other, swimming, jumping and bow riding with us. We didn’t spend much time with them because our lookouts told our skipper that sperm whales were on the surface resting for their deep dives and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to see them.

In the meantime, the wind increased and the sea got a bit rough but we arrived on time to see 2 adult female sperm whales. They showed us their fluke of which we took pictures to update the photo-identification research that we carry on! When sperm whales dive to find food they take at least 45 min to come back to the surface to breath. We didn’t have that time to wait for them so we tried to find the group of common dolphins and see them one more time.

This time the group was huge, we could see several individuals far away from our boat. Again, they were very active, approaching the boat so many times! We had beautiful moments with this species and then it was time to start our way back to Ponta Delgada.We hope you enjoyed as much as we did! Thank you once again for coming with us and for choosing to see these animals in a responsible way!

See you soon!

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