Sperm whales and dolphins today in São Miguel

whale watching azores

Little wind and waves made it confortable to be on the water and to find the sperm whales.

We waited just a short time in the area where our lookouts sent us to, until one and afterward another returned from their deep sea dives. We had a good look at these female sperm whales hyperventilating. When they were ready for their next dive they arched their backs giving everybody time to get ready to see the fluke in the air, saying goodbye to us. These females are staying in their family even when they look for food individually. It was perfect timing for us because when the first one dove the next one just appeared at the surface.

As there were also dolphins spotted we left the deep sea behind to return closer to shore while the wind was increasing and the rain came closer. Nevertheless, we found the common dolphins and observed them porpoising at the beginning, which means doing flat leaps over the water surface to gain speed. This is always a beautiful sight as they show us their whole body with their stylish hourglass design making the view of the grey ocean and grey sky more colourful. Later we saw them also closer through the water surface before they went for a dive and they disappeared but for us it was time to head back to the harbour anyway.

We did a quick stop where there were many Cory’s shearwater and yellow legged gulls and checked there for any presence of cetaceans or big fish before we continued. The rain arrived only in the end even we saw it all around us from the start of our tour.

So we had a successful trip in all aspects and are happy to welcome everybody who wants to come out with us (again).  Profit from the 10% discount before it ends the 28th of March. See you soon?

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