Sperm whale family reunion day!

This morning we set off in splendid sea conditions, with zero wind and bright sunshine.

Shortly after leaving the harbour, close to the coastal cliffs, the first sighting of the day took place. It was a pod of common dolphins! These colourful animals approached the boat to swim in front of our bow and show themselves under the calm waters. Definitely a nice visit!

We moved on to the next spot, where another group, this time of bottlenose dolphins, also approached us. We were able to take a close look at all the individuals in the undoubtedly diverse group. Mothers with calves, juveniles and adults were swimming around us. Some individuals could be of advanced age due to their physical appearance and their style of swimming. We could even see one with a deformation in its lower jaw, which we have already identified in our catalogue and named “Kiss” as it looks like sending out kisses.

After this, we had a pleasant navigation with unexpected encounters such as a trigger fish, approaching us, a sunfish waving, a loggerhead turtle diving, as well as other groups of dolphins.

Once far from the coast, we reached the area indicated by the lookouts and there they were! A large sperm whale family of up to 15 individuals was waiting for us!

On our afternoon outing, we returned to the same area and were lucky enough to find the group again and observe them more closely.

Thus, we confirmed what we had observed in the morning: it was a group of resident females with juveniles, calves and even a newborn. On this occasion, some individuals dived showing their flukes, which we were able to photograph for later photo-identification.

Undoubtedly a magnificent day for a detailed and close observation of cetaceans. If you don’t want to miss your chance, sign up for the next trip!

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