Sightings Statistics September 2019

During the month of September we had great opportunities to see cetaceans, enjoying them in the wild, with beautiful sunny days and sometimes witnessing the strength of the Atlantic Ocean.

We encountered 9 different whale and dolphin species. We had a few trips to the north of the island, which allowed us to see some of the resident sperm whales from that part of Sâo Miguel.

The Atlantic Spotted dolphins were the most sighted species, we had great days with groups of more than thousand individuals. Always active, jumping, socializing and feeding. It was a great way of saying goodbye to them, soon they will leave our waters to go south pursuing warmer areas.

Our always loyal resident species were the next on the list of most sighted species: common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales and Risso’s dolphins. 

They always keep surprising us, also everyday is a great opportunity to get more photos of these beautiful animals for our Photo-ID ongoing projects.

The highlight of the month is probably the different sightings of Sei whales. We found them during eight of our trips. Once they were interacting with sperm whales off the coast of Mosteiros, something truly unique and memorable.

Last but not least, we had several sightings of striped dolphins, beaked whales and pilot whales.

As for other marine species, we encountered some loggerhead turtles, numerous flying fish and even some species of sharks like a couple of hammerhead sharks and a blue shark.

All in all was a great month, with an ocean full of life. Azores doesn’t cease to amaze us.

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