Sightings Statistics November 2019

whale watching in november

In the month of November we went 21 days out to the big blue. This autumn month was full of windy days but also some days surprised us with beautiful sunny days that looked like summer days. In total we encountered 9 different whale and dolphin species. Each tour was really different and in most of our trips we saw more than 2 different species. We even had days where we saw 4 species in just one single trip! More than our average!

We had a lot days with our resident species : the most sighted species were the common dolphins, followed by the bottlenose dolphins and  the sperm whales. Our magnificent Mr Liable, a male sperm whale well known by everybody, was the star of this month. Out of the 12 days that we sighted sperm whales, we saw him 9 times! So yes! He is our monthly protagonist! We registered another resident species, Risso’s dolphins, but just one day.

Also, this month of November we saw some unusual species for this time of the year, including the Atlantic spotted dolphins. They were probably enjoying the extended summer weather, that we were lucky to have this year, as we still have water temperatures of 20-21 Celsius degrees. Sei whales also decided to spend some time in our south coast. It was a week in the middle of the month that we enjoyed with those beautiful migratory baleen whales. Additionally, other fantastic sightings were two really special days, one with 5 fin whales and other day with one minke whale. Very very rare for this time of the year so we were really lucky to see them.

About other species , this month we still saw Cory’s shearwaters, that were probably juveniles. They likely not are encouraged enough to start their migration to the South Atlantic, or maybe they want enjoy our unusual warm temperatures. But, they weren’t alone; we saw lot of great shearwaters as well, in really big groups. Two days of manx shearwaters,  once another day with the macaronesian shearwater and great skua, also few common terns. A little egret and ruddy turnstones closer to land. And we cannot forget another nice day that we saw a loggerhead turtle.

So November has been a great month full of biodiversity. Let’s see what we will encounter in the last month of 2019!! And remember… Christmas is coming!!

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