Sightings statistics May 2022 in Pico island

The month of May was characterized by frequent sightings of our resident species!

Although the striped dolphin also slips into the top 5, most of our trips were made in the presence of the sperm whale, common dolphin, Risso’s dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin. Then come to the baleen whales such as the sei whale and the blue whale, stopping off in the Azores as part of their migration and which it may still be possible to observe during the month of June.

However, the baleen whale season is coming to an end and we are already looking forward to the arrival of the species that we usually observe in spring and summer!

Our spotter, Joao, tells us an anecdote about one of this great migratory giant: Busy on his watch looking for breath, splash and other signs indicating the presence of cetaceans, he suddenly hears a huge blow not far from there! So surprised, he begins to look with the naked eye and then sees along the coast a huge blue whale passing close by! What a surprise to be able to hear it from our lookout! He then alerted our skipper and we were able to join the mammal a few miles away for a great sighting.

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