Sightings Statistics December 2020

cetaceans azores december

December, the last month of 2020 was marked by travel restrictions and rough weather conditions. Nevertheless there were five opportunities to go out to the open Atlantic ocean. Four times with guests and one research trip.

Our tours were 100 % successful as we managed to enjoy cetaceans whenever Futurismo was on the water.
This month the top ranking is taken by the Bottlenose Dolphins, followed by the Common Dolphins and then the Sperm Whales.

Our residents which are possible to see all year round. Especially delighting was the encounter with the False Killer Whales which made us waiting for them the whole year.
This December was showing us that not quantity but quality is important. The sightings were of top quality when the animals approached out of free will to enjoy our company and stayed with us for quite a while in eye to eye contact. They also displayed their abilities with breaches and leaps.
More diversity showed itself with the arriving of winter guest like the Kittiwakes, a species which is not often seen on land but we met several flocks of them in the open ocean. The Yellow Legged Seagulls stay loyal to São Miguel all year long so they were never missing on any tour. Great Skuas came along and entered our register as well as the Loggerhead Turtle. Some fish we encountered floating dead on the surface like the Boarfish but eventhough it is a proof of the diversity of life.

Let’s see what 2021 will bring but we will try our best to keep up with high quality in our research, education and best practice while visiting our host, the marine wildlife.

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