Sightings statistics April 2022 in Pico island

Last April was certainly not the easiest month to go out to sea because the weather was not always good, but that didn’t stop us from making some great observations. Indeed, it is currently the best time of the year in the Azores to see the large migratory baleen whales!

We were actually able to observe certain of these species such as the fin whales, sei whales, the humpback whale and the giant blue whale! Apart from several groups of females, we found one of the most famous sperm whales, “Mr Liable”, perhaps back in the Pico area for the spring and summer?! We will have the answer in line with our outings and will communicate his news if we have any!

Other resident species such as common dolphins have been seen very frequently, Risso’s dolphins are also present on almost half of our trips and only a few sightings of bottlenose dolphins.

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