Sighting statistics April 2019 in Pico Island

Futurismo’s 2019 season at Pico Island may not began much days ago, but we have already been delighted with the rich biodiverse Ocean that we’ve been exploring. 

On each trip aboard our zodiac Alfredo Baleeiro we can notice the green waters full of phytoplankton. Many times, we spotted these microscopic beings close to the boat, as they are moved by the ocean currents in quite aggregated patches. Also, on every trip we have been spotting plenty of Portuguese Man-o-war and several different species of jellyfish. 

Along with them, we found their favourite predator: the loggerhead sea turtles! As they spend most of their juvenile years in this side of the Atlantic, the individuals that we have been finding range in between different sizes, some are young and still small while some others are older and have already grown more.

The marine mammals we have found amazed us on each trip. The baleen whales have been around but still quite far out from land. We hope that the Southern winds blowing now will bring them closer to our island (as it seems our green waters have plenty of food for them!)

Up to today, we already spotted two blue whales and three sei whales, both travelling. The sperm whales have been the delight of this season as we have frequently observed different female groups and at least one big male! We observed them foraging and socializing. And as we noticed all the calves present in these groups, we became quite happy!

The delphinids are always present on our tours, being the most sighted species the beautiful common dolphins. Along with the common dolphins, many times we could sight striped dolphins. It is quite a show every time we find these mixed species groups! Many times, we can listen to them from our boat when they communicate through whistles. Sometimes, when we are inside the water with them, we perceive their echolocation clicks all around us (as they become curious with the newly introduced mammals inside the water – us!). This also happens with the bottlenose dolphins, which are also a quite curious and social species.

Risso’s dolphins were both present in the whale watching and in the swimming with dolphins activities. Quite often, the male groups surprised our wild observers onboard with their uncommon patterns of colours and shapes.

We are happy to have you aboard with us exploring all this Atlantic Ocean Life!
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