Resident and seasonal dolphins

The day did not highlight for the good visibility conditions in the morning by reason of some residual mist and fog from yesterday.

Nevertheless, this did not stop the Futurismo team which left Ponta Delgada harbour in the search for some wildlife! Our lookouts had a group of common dolphins to start the day with.

Later, we also had the chance to see Atlantic Spotted dolphins, which are a seasonal species in the Azores.

On the search for some more marine life, one of our speed boats came across a brief sighting of beaked whales which did not seem to be very interested in showing themselves because they went diving and could not be spotted again.

To finish the day the same way it started, we sighted more common dolphins and a final surprise… a hammerhead shark! We do not see them always on the surface, so that must have been a great luck!

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