Pilot whales, Sperm whales and Risso’s in Pico

Today it was a windy day and also pretty cold for the month of August and the news from our lookout weren’t the best at the time to go out at sea. Despite the conditions, the motivation was here, for the crew as much as for the Guests!

And we weren’t disappointed about the trips, indeed we found Sperm whales in the morning and in the afternoon!

Also, we spotted a calm pod of pilot whales with calves clinging to their mothers, even passing pretty close to our boat, which is a not so common behaviour with the short-finned Pilot whale.

And we had a very nice sighting of a well-known resident group of males Risso’s dolphins, passing peacefully at our side.

Join us for the next adventure in our speed boat “Alfredo Baleeiro”!

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