Killer whales & Sperm whales

Another grey day for sure, yet, another amazing trip. Leaving the marina this morning the indication form our lookout came loud and clear, a family of Orcas very close to Ponta Delgada was waiting for us.

Reaching the area, the huge dorsal fin of an adult male out of the water caught our attention, impressive and majestic, impossible to be confused with anything else, left everybody thrilled, and eager for more (the dorsal fin of an adult male can reach close to 2m)

These first animals were males, an adult and a juvenile both very calm and relaxed, and not showing much interest in us, a bit further West was the major part of the group, the females and calves, and these opposite to the males were in a very active mood approaching the boat with lots of interest, allowing us to have a very close encounter with these apex predators, commonly called Killer Whales.

Leaving the beautiful Orcas behind we continued our trip heading southeast to try and find our local heroes, the sperm whales, and we couldn’t have asked for a bigger show, everywhere we looked there was a blow, allowing us to see many of these animals with mixed behaviors since the group was a bit spread out, some were traveling quite fast but others went on feeding dives, meaning for us, some more tails to our photo-ID catalogue, and another small step to discover more about these animals.

Returning to Ponta Delgada after a very satisfying trip, we still had a chance to take a glimpse at a group of stripped dolphins, the first ones of the year, but since these tend to swim in a very fast pace and frequently changing direction it was not easy to get a clear picture of these elusive dolphins, but everybody went home with a morning very well spent, and an amazing story to tell.

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