End of whale and dolphin watching season at Pico

Here we are! Last week were the last days of our 2021 season of Whales and Dolphins Watching in Pico!

To sum up this intense summer, we had amazing sightings with many different species, we just couldn’t expect better! Besides a weather sometimes complicated to deal with, we always gave our best to be able to offer our guests the most enjoyable experience.

During the last trip of this season, like a symbol coming from the ocean, we had the chance to see a leucistic atlantic spotted dolphin.

Around the world, the beliefs and interpretations of local people are often favorable to white animals. Thus, the peoples of the Americas regard white animals as appearances of the ghosts of their ancestors in animal form. Or, in some Asian countries, white animals, symbols of purity, are considered sacred. Up to everyone to make the interpretation they want according to their own convictions. For us, it will be interpreted as a sign of luck and hope for the coming year!

To say goodbye to this wonderful year, we wanted to share with you some pictures of special encounters that we had with the amazing azorean wildlife during this season. Maybe you were  on board with us!

With emotion and from all the team, a big THANK YOU for choosing FUTURISMO for observing whales and dolphins in a respectful way and in their natural environment, we hope to see you next year, we’ll be here!

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