Big waves and big sightings

Today the weather conditions were not the best for our lookouts to find animals, but they made it!

They spotted some sperm whales travelling and doing frequent midwater dives. We arrived to the area where this species was sighted for the last time by the lookouts and after a few minutes looking for their blow we saw it! 2 sperm whales! They were a bit shy, and it was only possible to see them once. Today they didn’t show us their fluke, but another surprise was waiting for us.

In the same area, our skipper saw a big vertical blow, a baleen whale was there. We followed the blow and there it was, the biggest animal on earth! A BLUE WHALE!

We got to see it at a closer distance and we were able to see very well their unique and permanent mottling and their tinny dorsal fin that make it possible for us to identify each individual. It is always incredible to see these animals, they always surprise us and leave us speechless.

After having a good time with this animal, it was time to leave and continue our tour. This time in search for some dolphins. Close to the shore we spotted a group of common dolphins, around 30 individuals surfing the waves and showing us their characteristic colours.

Thank you so much for choosing Futurismo and this way to see these animals, in their natural habitat.

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