A Humpback whale and many sperm whales on a beautiful Sunday!

sperm whale tail

Today was an extremely surprising day!! With the sun shining bright upon us we went out on the sea with very high hopes!

We had just left the marina when a group of common dolphins showed up right in front of us. As we approached them we noticed they were feeding on a ball of fish, so they didn’t socialize with the boat so much. We decided to leave this group hoping that we could see other species. But it seemed like these guys were following us because the next sightings we had were, of course, common dolphins.

Finally, one of our lookouts said that he spotted sperm whales, and even though we were quite far from the location where they were last seen, we decided to take the risk.

We were almost there when our biologist Rafa spotted something. With our eyes glued to the sea in every direction, we finally saw a dorsal fin. It was a humpback whale! We felt so lucky, this species is a migratory one, so we don’t get to see it that often. Our guests were delighted, near the water surface we could see the white pectoral fins just before the whale came up.

It was a beautiful sighting, but we still wanted to show the sperm whales, so after a while we had to leave. Not so far, we started seeing some blows and they were in every direction! Several individuals were around our boat we just had to pick a side! We saw a calf and soon after its mom came up as well. A few minutes later both went for a dive showing their tails, a very beautiful moment that left our guests in awe. Our way back to Ponta Delgada was a long one, but everybody on board was happy and didn’t seem to mind the long trip. Today was really incredible, join us tomorrow on a whale and dolphin watching trip!

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