A beautiful day with the biggest whale

The day has awakened sunny and calm, as if it was prepared just for us to see around 80 socialising common dolphins close to shore. Moreover, a black edition individual was identified! This is how we name the individuals of this species that lack the yellow lateral patch. They were so close and the surface of the sea was so calm, that all the details were perfectly appreciated from the boat. Just breathtaking!

After a time, also pretty close to shore, a group of around 7 sperm whales were seen resting and socialising. One of our boats even saw one individual waving the tail in the air, as if it wanted to greet us! Though in reality it was a display of social behaviour between them.

After a short while a blue whale was sighted travelling towards the northwest, probably in search of areas which are richer in krill. Today we did not travel very large distances as all the three species were found relatively close to each other.

So after the blue whale we returned to some more sperm whales, one of which appeared rising its head above the water and change from the vertical to a horizontal position before desappearing under the surface. Another one was frequently breathing and then went as well for a shallow dive. So it looked like this morning they were not hungry yet as they were not fluking to go for a deep dive.

We could also see three bird species common terns, Cory’s shearwaters and yellow-legged seagulls. But there is still more to mention like salps and the abundantly seen Portuguese-man-of-war often accompanied by a fish travelling in its shelter below.

Today was one of this rare days where you can not just see what happens above the water close and further away as as well in the first few metres below the surface. We will never get enough of days like today filled with beautiful and memorable experiences and we are looking forward to show you and explain about the marvels of the Azorean waters.

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