Almost 400 kg in 6 hours in 2 islands!

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258 kg in only 2 hours! Cleanup in São Miguel

May 22nd was the International Day of Biological Diversity. To celebrate this day and in the scope of the campaign Azores Entre-mares from the Regional Government of Azores we joined hands to collect marine debris in the coastal area of Lagoa.

Each year, this day has a different theme, and this year was “We’re part of the solution”. Every time we do a cleaning campaign, we contribute to the OceanLit and Life IP Azores Natura projects, by collecting data and helping monitor the coastal debris found in the coast of São Miguel and raising awareness.  

Forty people and two hours of cleaning was what we needed to collect 258kg of coastal debris. Of these 258 kg, we collected 80,7kg of plastic, 26kg of metal, 20,5kg of glass and 124,5kg of undifferentiated debris.

One thing is for sure, unfortunately a lot of what we collected was local debris. From yogurt cups to water bottles and soap and juice packaging. From shoes, to flip flops and tooth brushes. This puts our daily habits into perspective. We need to choose local over global, organic over chemicals and we definitely need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Fortunately, all the debris collected was taken by the municipality of Lagoa and taken into to the waste management centre. It’s not in the environment anymore and cannot harm it.

Never forget we have the power to select our behaviours. And as consumers we have the power to change the world by just being careful with what we buy!

Thank you to all of you that participated. We did a great job! And to the OceanLit and Life IP Azores Natura projects and Greener Act for being our partners.

In Pico Island we collected a total of 121.3 kg

On Saturady we cleaned the coastal area of Baia da Barca in Madalena. During almost 4 hour of hard work, our daily team was able to collect in total 121.3 kg of marine litter, mostly plastics (64.9kg of plastics, 6.5 kg of glass, 17.5kg of metals and the rest is undifferentiated wastes). At the end everybody was tired, but happy! And it was worth it because the result was here!

According to the OCEANLIT, a project we are ambassadors of, we communicated the datas of the marine litter we found, to the DRAM.A big thank you all the volunteers, their strong determination and their help in many different ways!

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