5 days


This package was made for people who love seeing animals in their natural habitat and want to spend several days at sea appreciating what nature has to show in the Azores. If this is you, we will welcome you with open arms and a smile on our faces!

In the Azores, our history and culture are tightly connected with the sea and several of our ancestors depended on it to survive, even if it meant going to the ocean in whaling boats. Nowadays, we respect and protect these amazing creatures and would love to show you whales and dolphins in the wild, free and safe as they should be.

Every whale watching tour is different from the previous one and this is only possible because we work with unpredictable nature. Year-round, we have 4 resident cetacean species and, so far, 28 cetaceans species have been registered in the Azores Islands.

Futurismo Whale Watching Azores has been investigating, collecting data and studying cetaceans behaviour for more than 10 years . Our objective is to better know and understand these creatures and their travelling patterns.

Join us in Pico Island for a once-in-a-lifetime week in the company of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat!


Whale & Dolphin Watching

During this activity, you will have the opportunity to watch some of the 28 cetacean species that can be found around the Azores. Although nature offers no guarantees, whales and dolphins are regularly seen during our half-day tours, along with turtles, seabirds and other marine life. We see cetaceans in more than 98% of our tours and in the rare case that we don’t see any cetacean, we offer one more trip without any cost on another day.

Lajes do Pico is one of the best places in the Azores to go on a whale watching trip. It was here that the first whale watching company of the Azores was born. Due to the depth of the seabed in the south of Pico, the animals get very close to the coast and, on top of it, you will be surrounded by a beautiful landscape with Pico mountain always in sight.

Before the boat trip, our marine biologists will give you a briefing to explain which cetacean species can be observed, safety measures aboard, how we respect animals and the rules of observation at sea as well as some historical facts. During the tour, each passenger is required to wear a life vest as we go on a zodiac boat.


Volcanoes & Lakes Van Tour

On Pico’s central plateau, there are more than 200 volcanic cones as well as a large number of lakes and ponds that represent rare biotopes . In this pretty remote area, we can find a high level of biodiversity and still appreciate the variety of the endemic flora. We will enjoy as well the most beautiful views over the ocean and the surrounding islands. There, we will be able to enjoy Pico’s nature at its best and witness the volcanic origins of the island.

We will first pick you up in Madalena for this incredible full-day adventure. During the tour, we will discover Pico’s “mysteries” , visit beautiful little lakes and breathtaking viewpoints. We will pass by Pico da Urze, a volcano offering a wonderful panorama over Pico mountain and by the volcanic complex of the island’s eastern part.

In the afternoon, after a picnic lunch, the adventure continues. Provided with helmets and flashlights, we will join a guided tour through Portugal’s longest lava tube: Gruta das Torres , being 5,150m long (3,2 miles). This tube exists for about 1,500 years and was created during an eruption coming from Cabeço Bravo. The guided tour to the cave lasts about 1 hour, during which you will be able to observe different geological formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, side benches, lava balls, and so much more.

Once back on the surface, we will drop you off back in Madalena after this long day full of wonders.


Pico Island


5 Days

Tour Rates

On Request

Daily Departures


Check In Times

Dependent on your arrival


Only high season (minimum 2 participants)

Level of Difficulty


Vessel Types

Zodiac + Transit Van

Minimum Age

8 years old (the ocean tours are operated in zodiac, children need to reach the ground with their feet for safety reasons)

Tour Details

The chronological order of the tours can change according to the weather conditions and availabilities.

Whale and dolphin watching tours:

  • Pre-tour briefing
  • Raincoat and pants (if necessary)
  • Life jacket
  • Marine biologist or guide aboard
  • Insurance (personal accident and liability)


Volcanoes & Lakes Van Tour:

  • Nature guide
  • Picnic lunch
  • Pick up & drop off in Madalena
  • Entrance & equipment to Gruta das Torres
  • Insurance (personal accident & liability)


Whale and dolphin watching tours:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sweater, Jacket
  • Sunscreen, towel and hat
  • Backpack, water and snacks


Thematic tour – Vulcanoes & Lakes:

  • Comfortable light clothes
  • Walking boots or shoes
  • Sweater, raincoat
  • Hat, sunscreen, backpack
  • Water, snacks

Q: How do I get to the Azores?
A: There are direct flights from Lisbon and Porto. Europe, USA and Canada. 

Q: Which level should I expect from the activities planned during the package?
A: They are easy level.

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