We welcome springtime with a Humpback Whale!

What a wonderful beginning for the springtime! We have started our morning tour with a great group of common dolphins, friendly and curious towards our boat. We saw some young dolphins swimming beside the biggest ones… just lovely! 
Soon we received news to travel further west to look for another resident dolphin species, the bottlenose dolphins

There was a small group and they were not so interested on us, so we left them soon to continue traveling. And we did! After a while we stopped to look for something else.. And common dolphins again. But there were not our goal at the moment. We wanted something bigger, something we know it was there, but it didn’t want to appear. But you know, who waits… deserves the prize! And what a prize! A humpback whale

It came to the surface to breathe two or three times, and dived. And repeat all over again, giving us the opportunity to see even the tail! We checked the photographs with the ones taken last week to the last humpback, and we confirmed it was a different individual. Great morning with great animals!

During the afternoon, we went out to swim with dolphins, and we did with bottlenose dolphins. Much more friendly and active than in the morning.
WHALEcome spring!! We were waiting for you 😉

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