More sperm whale breaches!

Today in São Miguel Island we had the 4 seasons in one day and two completely different tours: our zodiac boats saw different things than the catamarans. In the morning, with the zodiacs, we saw our great resident sperm whale … Mr. Liable and we could find a group of bottlenose dolphins with babies. In the afternoon we went further, north coast. We saw a family of at least 12 sperm whales socializing. Before we left, one decided to jump 4 times in the farewell form. Coming to the sea gives us the possibility of having these beautiful surprises.

Photos by Mariana Silva

Sperm whale breaching

Sperm whale breaching

Sperm whale breaching

Sperm whale “Mr. Liable”

In the catamarans, we had a great day for bottlenose dolphins who were being very social, curious and playful. We got to see many jumps, rolling in the water, faces out if the water and white bellies. We also had common dolphins throughout the day which were just as beautiful and accompanied by many small calves.

Photos by Rafael Martins

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin jumping

Family of bottlenose dolphins

In Pico Island, we had a beautiful swimming with dolphins day! We saw bottlenose dolphins and then a big group of common dolphins with more than 300 individuals and that group was amazing to swim with. The striped dolphins also showed up just to say hi to our boats. On our way home we saw Sowerby’s beaked whales, 6 of them.

Photos by Rui santos

Sowerby beaked whales

Striped dolfins

Bottlenose dolphins
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