We took a fridge out from the ocean!

Today it was another special day for our Ocean! We managed to remove a fridge from the sea! Yes, we did it! 

Very often we spot and remove items we see floating, but this fridge is such a big object, and it does not belong to the sea. This is shocking for us, but we believe by sharing this story we can spread the awareness of a real problem we have in our oceans and our coastlines, and we see it every day.

Thank you so much to our team for removing it, great work! We hope this is also a good example on what to do to take care of the environment. We all can do a bit to keep the oceans clean.

During our tours the morning we could see sperm whales and common dolphins, but in the afternoon we managed to see just dolphins. 

In the morning the sperm whales were with us, some boats spotted a big male, while other boats could see a group of female with a tiny calf.  

In the afternoon, the lookouts could spot a sperm whale, but unfortunately we couldn’t see him. Well… it is what happens when we deal with wildlife, it is unpredictable!

Anyway, the common dolphins were really active, it was a big group with calves, juveniles and adults.

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