Time for the Bottlenose dolphin show!

The morning came with sun, and also some wind, but that didn’t stopped us from going out and trying to spend some time once more with our beloved cetaceans.
Leaving the marina, and by indication of our lookout, we headed southwest and after some time, there they were, our beautiful bottlenose dolphins.

It’s always a pleasure to spend time with these resident animals, and today even more, since they were riding the waves and bowriding like there was no tomorrow.
Also worth mentioning that one of the individuals in this group is a very distinct animal that goes by the name of “Submarino”, very easy to identify due to it’s cut dorsal fin, always awesome to encounter an old friend.

Despite not being able to find any other species, it’s always rewarding to see, and spend some time with free and wild animals in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, a truly unforgettable experience.

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