The second cross Atlantic sperm whale match ever!

Sperm whale tail of the individual sighted in Bahamas and Azores

A few days ago we received on our mail some exciting news… The e-mail subject was WHOOHOO!! And we would even add a few more letters of joy when we read it…

The first ever match of a sperm whale sighted in Bahamas and in the Azores was found!

It was found by Lisa Steiner, a renown sperm whale researcher based in the Azores, who compares sperm whale photos taken in different areas of the Atlantic to look for matches and understand better the movements of these ocean giants. Futurismo has been sharing sperm whale photos with Lisa since 2009, and several matches have been found so far between the Azores and Norway, other areas of the Macaronesia, and even to the Gulf of Mexico! The latter was the first cross Atlantic match, a sperm whale sighted in the Gulf of Mexico in 2002, and in the Azores in 2017.

This time, some of the sperm whale photos that Futurismo took in 2016 and 2017 during the whale watching trips in São Miguel match to photos taken in the Bahamas in 2006  provided by the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization!! 3000 miles away! Great second cross Atlantic match!

As you can see, every single tour gives us new opportunities to unravel more Nature secrets. Science goes forward with collaboration; sperm whales don’t understand about boundaries!

The same sperm whale was sighted in the Azores and in the Bahamas
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